About us


Ismile is brand new dental clinic, its Grand Opening was held in 2014. It resembles more of a Spa than a dental clinic. And that was the purpose behind the concept, to make the patient feel at home, and not stressed and worried even before entering the treatment area.


Behind the pretty face, a lot of effort went to ensure that the clinic is as sterile as possible, and the patient should feel safe in the knowledge that all the clinic is painted with anti-bacterial, anti microbe, washable colors everywhere, the children s room is painted with completely non-toxic paint specially for kids, the water everywhere is oxygenated, and the dental units have integrated system of constantly sterilizing the instruments. The lighting inside the treatment rooms and in the reception is as close to natural as we could manage, Delta lighting used everywhere. Even for the scent, we chose not to use a chemical system but we keep our environment fresh and pleasant with completely natural means.


Who are we?

iSmile in-house team consist of 5 Doctors of Dental Medicine, 1 Specialist Orthodontist of Dental Medicine, 2 Dental Hygienist, 5 Dental Assistants and 3 Receptionists. The final 2 members of our team man our PR and Managing department. We have a permanent cooperation with a specialist Surgeon of Dental Medicine for every major dental surgery and a perrnanent cooperation with a Plastic Surgeon for all the minor and rnajor aesthetic surgeries. 



   Vedrana Vucetic  

 She's our perfectionist, passionate with details of a perfect smile Facial Aesthetics specialist and Orthodontist. Her motto,  "nothing is impossible with teeth", keeps proving true, resulting in amazing smiles and a reputation that makes her one of the top names in her specialty. She is also responsible for steering the clinic at the right direction every day...Women CAN drive! 

                            Dr dent.med, Specialist Orthodontist, : Dentofacial aesthetics and treatment planning 



  Martina Voloder   or  "Teta Maltiiina" as named by our little patients

 Some say that her laugh can be heard all around the shopping mall all day long and that her fillings are completely invisible!  All we know is that she is one of the best dentists you can find and her fan club (no, they are not patients only) loves her.

                          Dr dent.med , field of interest : Aesthetic Dentistry and implanto-prosthetic rehabilitations        



  Nikolina Bubalovic  or  "Buba" as we all call her

 can indeed appear the most serious of them all, but let me tell you, its an act! Her ability to talk to the patient all the time when she is performing a complicated endo operation is surpassed only by her quick smile and easy demeanor towards everyone, making her dental chair a fantastic place to sit! 

                         Dr dent.med, field of interest : Aesthetic Dentistry, prosthetics and kids treatments 



  Sandra Petej 

 comes with almost 10 years of experience, the highest recommendations, the ability to perform even the most difficult procedure and of course, the most important, a genuine smile for everyone. She is always serious and....wait, did you really believe that?! 

                          Dr dent.med, field of interest : Aesthetic Dentistry, prosthetics and kids treatments 



 Ines Zeman  

 moved recently to Split from Zagreb, having worked there for quite some time. She is originally from our city and a return to the roots was in order! Her pleasant, easy going personality combined with her experience, makes everyone relaxed sitting at her chair, young or not so young

                         Dr dent.med, field of interest : Aesthetic Dentistry, prosthetics and kids treatments 




   Ljubomir Erceg

 He is a valued member of our tearn, pleasant, competent and experienced, with 10 years of private practise behind  him. He always has a joke ready, he loves his wife's fantastic food, and he is secretly envied by other guys, being the only man in a clinic full of pretty women! 



At iSmile we are confident we are going in the correct direction, the comments are very positive and the patients actually enjoy their visits. Besides, there are worse things than a coffee in the morning reading the news in an iPad while you wait for your appointment. 


Why not come and see for yourself ! 

our services
Adult prophylaxis, Teeth whitening Boost system complete, Teeth whitening Boost system / per jaw, Phillips ZOOM white speed (NEW in town)
Fixed orthodontic therapy (Metal - Ceramic - Sapphire ) Mobile mono-maxillary appliance / Mobile bimaxillary appliance  ....
Implant, Abbutment for implant, Bone augmentation, Tooth extraction, Tooth extraction with root separation , Surgical tooth extraction, Apicoetomy, Corticotomy, External sinus lift, Soft tissue transplant.
Metal ceramic crown, Zirconium ceramic crown, Ceramic veneers, Complete denture, Wiron denture, Root canal reinforcement with composite crown, Temporary crown.
Specialist exam and consultation, Functional aesthetic analysis , X-ray analysis, Filling (single surface -  dual surface -  triple surface), Aesthetic front filling, Aesthetic composit crown.
Facial Aesthetics
We ALSO offer to our patients skin rejuvenation treatment, BOTOX and dermal filer treatments, removing years and tiredness making them look and feel younger.
My First smile @ ISmile
Special educational Kids Program combined with an adventurous Dalmatian tour. Introduce your children to instruments, teeth brushing, protection, oral hygiene & physcological methods of desensitization. Perfect for schools!
Travel arrangements
Contact us to Book all your travel needs. From transfer from your door to flights to accommodation and tour packages or excursions while gaining your smile back!
why choose us

We believe that today, quality dental treatments shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the few. That’s why our prices are very affordable, as we want our services to be accessible by everyone. your smile will not be overpriced.


Our doctors, receptionists and other staff of clinics speak 2-3 foreign languages including English, German, Italian, Greek & Spanish. So, you can communicate with them directly and get all answers in your language.


We are very confident in knowledge of our doctors, quality of our equipment and materials.  For that reason we give you GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE for every procedure done in our clinics. Check out guarantee certificate at Terms&Conditions.


What time suits you best? Next week or tomorrow? We are flexible and we place all our efforts to be there for you just in time.

COST Effectiveness

You might notice there are no prices online. We will make price estimation for you; based on your situation and your medical records. For us every patient is an individual and this is how we treat you. Our consultations are free of charge and you are welcome to contact us.


After all, you are not just a patient. You are our guest in imperial city of Split. Get free accommodation and enjoy your stay while discovering beauties of Central Dalmatia with our professional tour guides. With us you get your new smile and a vacation. 

How it works
Initial Contact
Please contact us to get free assessment on your needs and costs
After receiving your medical history/files, our team of doctors will give you best solution options with costs estimation.
Request our services
You liked the assessment & decided to come to Ismile Croatia! we will take it from here
Travel Arrangments
You will be contacted by our staff to arrange your travel services,Flights, Accommodation & activities as well!
Secure your space!
Partial payment is necessary in order to confirm your scheduling & procedures. Full payment will be done when you are done.
Travel to destination
We can organize door-to-door travel service. From pick-up from your home to arrival to destination and back.
Treatment Procedures
New smile with iSmile! After your treatment is finished you get Guarantee Certificate with all after procedure instructions.
Recover and Relax
short trip to surrounding islands, fortresses or waterfalls. Or just relax on your terrace, with a glass of wine, while sun
Return Home
Before you leave Split, our doctors will give you instructions about special care you should do on return home.
Follow Up
We will follow up with you for any information you might need after procedure.
Contact us
  Phone: +385 216 71 511
  Fax: +385 216 71 511

  Email: info@travel2cure.com
  Web: http://travel2cure.com

  Put Brodarice 6, 21 000 Split -Croatia